written by: Achi Vibliani

“I was in the 9th grade when I saw the TV program called “what, where, when? “. I really wanted to participate and be part of the group at my local school. I was studying a lot to be able to participate and to my surprise my group got shortlisted in out of 6 best candidates. We went to Mestia and got the second place and next year the 3rd place. This was the best chance to show ourselves.”“We enter the room , take our seats, first, second, third question… The questions did not seem to be very hard, regardless the one group scored better than us. I did not have any hopes left when I heard the presenters voice in the loudspeaker. “Fans please leave the room immediately”. Apparently, they were cheating and somehow helping the group ahead of us. Hence, the game continued without fans. The scores were yet unknown. The tension was rising, out of 16 groups only 2 were on leading positions. Only one score was the difference between the two. It was a matter of single question and one of the groups could win. All my hopes were gone. I was trying to calm down the group members, that it was okay and they should get ready for the next year. Finally, results were out and presenter said: “the winner is Chuberi”, meaning us!”

“It is a fantastic feeling, when you fulfill the expectations of your village, school and parents.”


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