Grandmother Tina

written by: Tamar Otkhvani, Mariam Tsindeliani,
Tamar Vibliani, Monica Gvarmiani

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Grandmother Tina Murgvliani is 84 years old. She was born in the village of Becho, in the family with 7 children. She loved math and after high school she tried twice to enter the university and study math.

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Unfortunately both times her score were not sufficient and she failed. When she was 22, she got kidnapped as a bride and got married to Bidzina Vibliani, a man 18 years older than herself. Grandmother Tina now lives in Nakra and she has 4 children and 18 grandchildren. They come to visit her during the summer period but for the rest of the year she takes care of herself. Sometimes local children help her cut firewood and she always treats them with sweets in return. Grandmother Tina is a very kind person.



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