written by: Irakli Aprasidze

“When I entered school and learned to count, I never imagined that a digit 0 would be my life companion. I felt so sorry for my ill mother. Because of my mother’s health problems I left school at the 6th grade. I was 20 years old when I was forced to marry. I left with my husband for the Kodori Gorge. I started my life from 0. I took care of cattle. Later, for the sake of the children we chose to move to Abkhazia. I started my life from 0 again. I made cheese and sold it at the local market. I also trained my neighbors on cheese making. Then the most difficult period of my life started with the Abkhazian civil war.”

“I faced the hardest living conditions as a refugee. Here again, my life companion 0 came back to me. I returned to my native Chuberi and started life from 0 again. Regardless of so many 0s in my life, I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.”



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