written by: Lasha Cindeliani, Goga Cindeliani
research: Nino Gvarmiani, Tiko Otxvani

This is a collective work of this four students from Nakra. They approached a lonely old woman from Nakra. It was an excellent exercise in ethics because the woman felt afraid of the camera. Photographers and storytellers have to learn how to tell stories respectfully.


written by: Achi Vibliani

“I was in the 9th grade when I saw the TV program called “what, where, when? “. I really wanted to participate and be part of the group at my local school. I was studying a lot to be able to participate and to my surprise my group got shortlisted in out of 6 best candidates. We went to Mestia and got the second place and next year the 3rd place. This was the best chance to show ourselves.” Continue reading


written by: Mari Vibliani

“I will tell you the story about my childhood . I have very good memory of all events from childhood, but never forget the most important moments. I want to tell you about my grandparents, those I love and who are always next to me. I remember how they use to help me with the homework, support me in everything I needed. For me, they are my heroes and the people I look up to. I feel so much love coming from them and It is not a by accident, that I wrote about them. Actually, I will show them this story.”