written by: Irakli Aprasidze

“When I entered school and learned to count, I never imagined that a digit 0 would be my life companion. I felt so sorry for my ill mother. Because of my mother’s health problems I left school at the 6th grade. I was 20 years old when I was forced to marry. I left with my husband for the Kodori Gorge. I started my life from 0. I took care of cattle. Later, for the sake of the children we chose to move to Abkhazia. I started my life from 0 again. I made cheese and sold it at the local market. I also trained my neighbors on cheese making. Then the most difficult period of my life started with the Abkhazian civil war.”

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This is our school on a rainy day

written by: collective work from Chuberi’s School

“When it’s raining like today, the real spirit of the school is hidden inside. For most of us school is the sign of happiness, we love to be around here. It’s lovely inside and outside. We do not choose a weather, because we are so close to the nature that we respect it at all times. Hence, we are still happy it’s raining today. Here is our school on a rainy day so full of memories. We love it.”


written by: Achi Vibliani

“I was in the 9th grade when I saw the TV program called “what, where, when? “. I really wanted to participate and be part of the group at my local school. I was studying a lot to be able to participate and to my surprise my group got shortlisted in out of 6 best candidates. We went to Mestia and got the second place and next year the 3rd place. This was the best chance to show ourselves.” Continue reading