The oldest person in Khaishi

written by: Ana Chkadua, Mamuka Chkadua, Zhana Zumadze

“I was born on May 5, 1914. I got married when I was 21 years old and lived mostly in Khaishi. I am the oldest person in the village and I have seen a lot. I have seen war, hunger, crime, robbery. All my children are dead. I don’t remember the day I was happy, but I went through happy moments when my husband was alive. Now what? Many people come to see me, but I get no attention, I am abandoned. I was very ill for a month. I can hardly walk now and my eye-sight is degraded. I am 102 years old and I am not happy with my life. I consider life unfair…”

The teacher

written by: Giorgi Kvirikadze, Betqili Chkadua

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Andria and his dog

written by: Zvika Nizhanadze, Luka Zumadze, Ana Nizharadze

“My name is Andria, I am seven years old and I live in Khaishi. I love judo, but I have never been fond of dogs, because they have sharp teeth and look scary. I did not like them and neither fed nor took care of my own dog.”


”One day I was walking home and our neighbors’ dog jumped at me and I was very scared. It was then when my dog jumped in to defend me. Since then I love my dog.”

Displacement from Abkhazia

written by: Ana Chkadua, Mamuka Chkadua, Zhana Zumadze


“I was born on February 22, 1944 in the village of Khaishi, in Mestia district. During lifetime, I have been through lots of tragic moments but losing my children was the worst pain. I had four children. For eight years we lived in Abkhazia, but after the civil war started my family was forced to move. We are IDPs [internally displaced people] now. It has been more than 15 years that I lost my husband. Soon after my house got on fire. Currently, I have difficulties walking and with my vision. I have no money to buy food and medicine. I am the poorest person in Khaishi. I would have felt much better had I not faced this reality. Life is not fair but people adjust to everything.”