The trace of time

written by: Ani Vibliani, Dato Cindeliani, Keti Cindeliani

This is the collection of work from three students from the Nakra workshop. Participants have identified the most valuable inhabitant of the village. They think she is the one who deserves the respect. She knows stories tracing back to early 20th century. She has a good memory of her childhood and describes all important local events taking place in the village. She shared old traditions and way of living with the participants. Now she is so old that can not move from her house, participants get emotional of her condition and try to show that citizens like her deserve love, warmth and appreciation from locals. ” We learned so many thing just talking to her, that we feel more knowledgeable about our land” – students noted.

Story of Mr. Nodar

written by: Mari Chkadua, Giorgi Kvirikadze, Giorgi Chkadua

Mr. Nodar was born in 1948 in the village of Nakra. He studied for eight years at the Nakra secondary school. After graduating he moved to Chuberi and finished the secondary studies there. He studied pharmaceutics at the Tbilisi Medical Institute. After four years of study he was sent to work in Mestia. He worked at the Mestia central pharmacy. After that, he worked in the Svaneti villages of Becho and Chuberi. He has worked in Khaishi since 1986.


Mr. Nodar

The Khaishi pharmacy belonged to the state, but after the Rose revolution Mr. Nordar managed to privatize it. Continue reading


written by: Lasha Cindeliani, Goga Cindeliani
research: Nino Gvarmiani, Tiko Otxvani

This is a collective work of this four students from Nakra. They approached a lonely old woman from Nakra. It was an excellent exercise in ethics because the woman felt afraid of the camera. Photographers and storytellers have to learn how to tell stories respectfully.


written by: Mari Vibliani

“I will tell you the story about my childhood . I have very good memory of all events from childhood, but never forget the most important moments. I want to tell you about my grandparents, those I love and who are always next to me. I remember how they use to help me with the homework, support me in everything I needed. For me, they are my heroes and the people I look up to. I feel so much love coming from them and It is not a by accident, that I wrote about them. Actually, I will show them this story.”