Story of Mr. Nodar

written by: Mari Chkadua, Giorgi Kvirikadze, Giorgi Chkadua

Mr. Nodar was born in 1948 in the village of Nakra. He studied for eight years at the Nakra secondary school. After graduating he moved to Chuberi and finished the secondary studies there. He studied pharmaceutics at the Tbilisi Medical Institute. After four years of study he was sent to work in Mestia. He worked at the Mestia central pharmacy. After that, he worked in the Svaneti villages of Becho and Chuberi. He has worked in Khaishi since 1986.


Mr. Nodar

The Khaishi pharmacy belonged to the state, but after the Rose revolution Mr. Nordar managed to privatize it. Nodar’s wife is from Gagra, Abhkhazia. She owned a house there. Before the civil war the family planned to settle there. When the war broke, they lost the house and stayed in Khaishi for good. During the troubled period Mr. Nodar saved many lives.


He brought medicine from Tbilisi and distributed it in the whole region and he helped to cure the wounded. He loves gardening. He created an incredible herb and vegetable garden on a small plot next to the pharmacy. . He spends his free time taking care of the garden and the village greenery. Mr. Nodar thinks that all the people who lost their land and were affected by the civil war in Abkhazia should receive compensation. He has not gotten any so far.


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