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Become a contributor:

In organising of an event, there is always room for extra hands and adventurous, energetic and nature-loving people. While you can help us in multiple ways, we are in particular on a lookout for:

  • Musicians and bands;
  • Sports clubs and tour agencies organizing hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting events;
  • Artists and handicraft producers;
  • Foods and drinks producers;

If inspired to help, please drop us a note at under the subject “contributor”.

Become our partner:

Everybody needs partners in life, so do we at the festival organising team! The festival will benefit of sponsorship, donations and other type of support with:

  • Festival equipment and material
  • Camping and other outdoor gear
  • Publicity and promotion

The sponsorship, donations and partnerships will be duly recognised in the festival materials and throughout the event.

If interested to become a festival partner, please drop us a note at under the subject “partnership”.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact the festival organisers
Georgian: Mariam Devidze
English: Magdalena Kircheva

Become a volunteer:

Svaneti is an amazing place to visit and explore. By being a festival volunteer for the you will have the opportunity to meet genuine people, to communicate, work and create with them, to take part in different tasks, to be inspired, to grow, to feel the nature and share the vibes and energy of this magical place.

You can join our team depending on your availability for:

  • First part / 8th-13th of July
  • Second part / 14th-17th (15th, 16th and 17th are the festival days)
  • Third part / 18th-19th of July – finishing, cleaning

First “before festival” part 8th-13th is about looking for and finding people with energy and time to work and learn. We need people who are ready to help and take part in “constructing” the festival from scratch. You will get to work with different materials such as wood, ropes, tents. If you want to be part of this challenge this is the right group for you. We are waiting for you on 8th of July!

Second “festival” part is from 14th till the end of the festival – 17th. We are looking for volunteers eager to help us with different tasks during the festival.

Third “post-festival” part is from 18th till 19th. We are looking for people who will help us clean the place and make sure it looks the way it used to before the festival.

Important things for you to know as a volunteer

  • It’s important to bond with the team from the beginning, to trust each other and to manage your tasks during the festival;
  • You will need: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, warm clothes, even a swimsuit, mug, energy and ideas;
  • Good mood and motivation!
  • Food and water during the festival are covered. The transport is on your own.

People we will need during the whole festival: cooks, water-suppliers, waste managers;
People we will need in “before festival” part: carpenters, people to construct the festival tents;
People we will need in “festival” part: toilet management, artists

How to apply?

You can apply for a volunteer at under the subject “volunteer”.

Svaneti photostories

To continue recording Svan children reflections of their culture and nature we strive to keep this project a living effort.

We would appreciate your support to make this happen. If you want to help us you can:

  • Donate your old digital camera (accessories like chargers and SD cards make a great donation). School teachers and community members will offer guidance in using the cameras.
  • Donate used but still well functional outdoor gear (sleeping bags, mats, tents, backpacks). The outdoor gear will allow the children to hike with us in the mountains, spending a night out and seeing and document the natural beauty.

Get in touch via email if you want to make any kind of donation.

Svaneti_RosaVroom2 (49 de 123)

We also appreciate any help with promoting this project! If you want people in your community get to know Svanetia through the eyes and words of youth, you can help us:

  • share it on social media;
  • create a print exhibit (let us know via email, we have ready materials);
  • cover the project in your blog, local paper or other media outlet.


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